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There is a place of relaxation


The breeze of Ihatov, the blue sky with a cold bottom even in summer, in the beautiful forest
The decorated city of Molio, the glittering waves of grass in the suburbs. I want to be with you again


Organic L-Stay AKATSUKI

From Sanomachiba through the axes of the sea, sky, and mountains
Clothing, food and housing + art are healthy and sustainable
Envision a satisfying scene as an organic resting place
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  • Commitment to the inn

The concept is additive-free and organic.

The interior of the room is finished with additive-free building materials such as floors, walls, ceilings, and furniture, and we do not use any adhesives or organic paints during the construction. When I spend time in such a space, the air is clear enough to take a deep breath. In addition, soap, shampoo, towels, etc. are made of organic materials, so you can live a healthy life with great peace of mind.

Affiliated shops are also additive-free and organic

The adjoining shop also sells additive-free sozai, so you can enjoy clothing, food, housing, and additive-free life.

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  • How to spend like this

Enjoy the SANO art and enjoy culture tourism

In the room, there are several works of art from the local Quanzhou. A blissful time to enjoy the art of slowness while drinking a cafe. For the next action, go out to the town and enjoy art yourself.

Enjoy at organic markets and workshops

The Mutenka Style Market we host several times a year! Is a gathering of additive-free and organic shops and producers around Osaka. At Kurafutoya in Sanomachi, "Kura City" is also held every month. In addition, let's actively participate in plastering experience, bran pickling workshop, miso making, plaster cake making, rice planting and rice harvesting experience to increase the degree of organicity.

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  • About the room

6 people



All rooms are non-smoking

Smoking is also prohibited at the front door or with the windows open



check out




Japanese-style room 6 tatami mats

The comfort of tatami mats where you can relax

TV / air conditioner
There are bedding such as futons and pillows in the closet.
The walls and ceiling of the room are finished with additive-free plaster, so going to bed and getting up will make your body very comfortable.



Western-style room 4.5 tatami mats

A calm atmosphere and a workspace

You can use your computer with natural stones in the background and watch movies on TV.
The walls and ceiling of the room are finished with additive-free plaster, so going to bed and getting up will make your body very comfortable.




Aroma space bathroom with the scent of natural cypress

There is a bathtub and shower for one person, and the walls are finished with natural cypress, so you can enjoy the organic aroma.




Kitchen made with additive-free furniture

Equipped with IH stove (single type), refrigerator, microwave oven, electric kettle, and various tableware.




A calm breath with natural stone and plaster

The floor is made of natural gensho stone, the walls and ceiling are finished with additive-free plaster, and the lighting is made of natural wood pine, creating a very calm space where you can take a break.




Washbasin made of additive-free peeling material

The floor is finished with natural pine redemption, the walls are additive-free plaster, and the ceiling is a very organic space with natural pine, and a wash basin made of natural granite wash counter and enamel bowl.




A surprising space where your heart bursts

The floor is made of natural pine, the ceiling is additive-free, and the walls are the same as the old clay walls, combining a retro feel with a new feel. In addition, the vertical lattice of natural wood is also a space that makes you feel like Little Kyoto.




The long-awaited beginning of organic

There is a lower leg box made of natural granite and additive-free furniture in the dirt floor, and when you look up, it becomes a stairwell space, and you can feel the spaciousness.


Facility / equipment information (free use service)


You can use both wired internet and wireless WiFi.

2 TVs

You can watch J: COM on cable TV and watch movies for free (some paid works are available)

2 air conditioners

Cooling and heating, dehumidifying function



Super radiant heater

Far-infrared cooker for one mouth (not IH)

Refrigerator / microwave / electric kettle

There is one for each

Washing machine

Although it is outdoors, one is installed. There is no dryer. Detergent will be sold for a fee.

Vacuum cleaner

If you want to use it, please contact us at the front desk. I will lend you.


Bowls, plates, cups, glasses, chopsticks, forks, spoons, etc.

Bath towel / face towel (return required)

An additive-free towel that does not use any fluorescent or bleaching agents, and is a local Senshu towel with excellent water absorption. We also sell it for souvenirs.

Soap, body soap, hand soap

We use additive-free soap that does not use optical brightener. We also sell it for souvenirs.

shampoo rinse

We use additive-free shampoo and citric acid rinse that do not use optical brightener. We also sell it for souvenirs.

Toothbrush / toothpaste

Toothpaste is additive-free.

Mattress, quilt, pillow


Sheets / pillowcases

You can continue to use it during consecutive nights.


1 heat detector and 1 carbon monoxide detector in the kitchen 1 smoke detector each for bedroom and loft, dining, washbasin, entrance, closet

Sightseeing in Sanotown

In the Edo period, the old town of Izumisano, Samachiba, was the most commercial city in the Senshu area, with many wealthy merchants such as the Meshino family and the Karakane family. It became. Cotton production became popular from the Meiji era, and the towel industry was the largest in Japan in the Taisho and Showa eras. Since the area around this town was spared from the war damage, narrow alleys are connected like a mesh and a maze-like atmosphere, and many historical temples and merchant houses remain.

Izumisano Fishing Port / Blue Sky Market

Here you can eat fresh fish caught in the Seto Inland Sea on the spot, or you can buy it and take it home. You can enjoy the deliciousness of blue crab, mantis shrimp, octopus, gatcho, and gashira, which are unique to Senshu. Also, there are many people who aim for auctions from 2:30 according to the daytime net. [Parking lot] Available (free) [Business Hours] From 10 am to 6 pm [Regular holiday] Every Wednesday

Jozen Temple

Jozenji is the Jodo sect and is called "Shiramichiyama Nishigishiin Jozenji", which is the last temple of the Jodo sect Chion-in. It is said that it was built in 1512 at the beginning of the Warring States period. The temple at the time of its founding was located on Mt. Kamizen (currently near Kasamatsu-Hagurazaki), which was about 1 km away from the current temple, but it was often attacked by pirates because it was close to the coast. It is said that it was moved to its current location in 1534. The main hall was built in 1683 in the middle of the Edo period, and has been designated as a nationally registered cultural property. In addition, it is made by applying gold leaf and black lacquer in multiple layers.

Kasuga Shrine

It disappeared once when Toyotomi Hideyoshi attacked Negoro, but it was rebuilt and became Sano's Soja. It became a village shrine in 1897, and 29 large and small shrines in the Sano town area were enshrined here when the shrines were enshrined in 1891-42. In the precincts, there is a lantern donated by the Karakin family, a wealthy business food maker from the Edo period. Also, at the summer festival, one of the highlights is the heroic drum stand entering the shrine.

Street address

SEIKO EN202 (Akatsuki), 12-6 Omiya-cho, Izumisano-shi, Osaka 598-0053

・・・ [Reception front desk] Mutenka Style Fukuroya (SEIKO EN 103)

Contact / Inquiry


Parking Lot

Please use the yellow arrow on the map [Customer Parking] (free) or [Neighborhood Coin Parking] (charged).
If you use the parking lot, please make a reservation in advance.

・・・[Customer parking lot] 1 car, 9-18 Omiya-cho, Izumisano-shi
If you come by train

● Midosuji Line Shin-Osaka Station → Nankai Namba Station → Nankai Izumisano Station → Akatsuki (about 55 minutes)
● JR Osaka Station → Nankai Namba Station → Nankai Izumisano Station → Akatsuki (about 48 minutes)
● Kansai Airport → Nankai Izumisano Station → Akatsuki (about 10 minutes)
Please get off at Izumisano Station on the Nankai Main Line. It is a 5-minute walk from the west exit.

If you come by car

● Osaka City → Izumisano IC Prefectural Road 63 → Akatsuki (about 50 minutes)
・ Get off at Izumisano Kita on the Hanshin Expressway No. 4 Wangan Line → Turn left at Sumiyoshicho → Turn right at Iharanosato Station for 500 meters → Turn right at Omiyacho for 1.4 kilometers

● Kansai Airport → Akatsuki (about 20 minutes)
・ Get off at Kansai Airport Rinku JCT → Go straight on Route 481 → Turn right on Prefectural Road 63 1.0 km on the airway Matsubara → Turn left on Omiyacho 1.5 km
● Kyoto → Izumisano IC → Via Prefectural Road 63 → Akatsuki (about 1 hour and 40 minutes)
・ Meishin Expressway → Kinki Expressway → Hanwa Expressway → Get off at Izumisano JCT → Via Route 26 → Turn left at Izumisano Police Station → Turn right at 700 meters Sakaecho → Turn left at 100 meters Omiyacho